How to Hide Sheets in Excel

In this tutorial, you’ll get familiar with how to hide sheets in Excel. This can be quite useful if you need to make one or more of the sheets invisible to you or anyone else accessing the workbook.

You’ll see, it’s quite easy!

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You can see that we have two sheets we’re working with – ‘Questionnaire’ and ‘Months’.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - more sheets

Now, we want the first sheet, ‘Questionnaire’ to show for everyone, because it contains the questions we want to ask and the drop-down list we created during one of our previous tutorials.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - sheet visible for everyone

The other spreadsheet is called ‘Months’. This one doesn’t have to be visible for other people, because we created it to store our source data – the list of months for the drop-down menu.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - sheet not visible for people

To make the workbook look neat and professional, we’ll hide the ‘Months’ sheet.

We’ll select the sheet by clicking on it, then right-click and choose the option ‘Hide’.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - hide option


The sheet with the list of months has been hidden. Only the first sheet, ‘Questionnaire’, is still visible.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - sheet has been hidden

There is one more thing to remember, though.

A Little Tip that Is Good to Know

Data from the sheet ‘Months’ are still available and you can still work with them, even though the spreadsheet has been hidden. So, what does it mean for you?

Practically, the drop-down list still works, despite the fact that the source data for this list are on the hidden spreadsheet.

How to Hide Sheets in Excel - data are available

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