How to Insert Sheet in Excel

Today you’ll see a few simple steps on how to easily insert a spreadsheet in Excel, thanks to which you can make your work and data more organized.


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The Simplest Way How to Insert Sheet in Excel

There are several possibilities how to insert sheets in a workbook, but we’ll have a look at the one that is the simplest.

For the quickest way to insert a spreadsheet in Excel, click on the plus icon located at the bottom of the screen, right next to the last sheet.

How to Insert Sheet in Excel - plus icon

As soon as you click, Excel will add a spreadsheet into your workbook. Here you can see the added spreadsheet under the name ‘Sheet1’.

How to Insert Sheet in Excel - added spreadsheet

If you need to move the sheet to a different place, just click and hold the button on the mouse and simply drag the sheet to the place you need.

How to Insert Sheet in Excel - how to move the sheet

We’ll move it to the very end, now.

How to Insert Sheet in Excel - drag the sheet where you need

There you go!

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