How to Move Columns in Excel

To learn how to move columns in Excel may not be that hard. Actually, what you’ll see here, in this tutorial, is the easiest way.

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If you’d like to move a column in Excel, you don’t have to go to all the trouble of copying the column, pasting it in the chosen place and then deleting it from the table.

How to Move Columns in Excel - copy, paste, delete

To Move the Selected Column – Press the ‘Shift’ Key

Excel offers a great way how to move columns by following a few simple and quick steps. So, here’s the pro tip!

Select the column you want to move. Here we’ll select the column B, which contains the information about first names

How to Move Columns in Excel - how to reorganize columns in Excel

and we’ll move it right after the column C, the ‘Last Name’ column. You can select and move one or more columns at once in a table of any size.

And here comes the trick that does it all! To move the selected column, press the ‘Shift’ key,

How to Move Columns in Excel - how to transfer column in Excel

keep it pressed and position the cursor on the column border to the right or left until you see this cross-arrow pointer.

How to Move Columns in Excel - how to rearrange columns in Excel

Then use the left mouse button to drag and drop the column right where you need it.

That’s it! Easy, right? You can use the same trick to move rows, too.

And now it’s your turn! What handy time savers do you use in Excel?

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