How to Rename Sheet in Excel

In this tutorial, you’ll see a super quick way how to easily rename a spreadsheet in Excel.

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We’ll go through the whole procedure of how to rename a spreadsheet in Excel. For this, we’ll use a workbook with four sheets. You can see individual spreadsheets down here, at the bottom. When a spreadsheet is added, Excel will automatically name it Sheet1, 2, 3, 4, and so on.

How to Rename Sheet in Excel - sheet1, sheet 2

If you need to rename sheets to make your workbook organised, simply click on the sheet you want to rename, then use the right button on your mouse to select the option ‘Rename’.

How to Rename Sheet in Excel - option rename

Excel will now highlight the original spreadsheet name which becomes editable, so you can type in a new name, for example, ‘Names’.
Hit ‘Enter’ or click anywhere within the workbook, and you’ll see the new spreadsheet name appear instead of the old one.

How to Rename Sheet in Excel - new name of the sheet


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