How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel

If you’re wondering how to sort data alphabetically in Excel, you’re in the right place! We’ll be talking about a function which you can use to sort a list of employees’ names, products, or any other list you need.

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Sorting data alphabetically, whether A to Z or vice versa, Z to A, can be comfortably done in a table of any size. We’ll have a look at how to do it using this prepared table.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sort alphabetically names

Two Types of Difficulties to Solve Before You Start

Before we start, let’s just discuss two types of difficulties you can encounter while sorting.

To avoid the first one, make sure that there are no blank entries or rows in the list before using the sorting function. Blank entries can easily happen if you’ve imported data from other applications. Now, imagine that we delete the data in row 10.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - use table without blank rows

In that case, Excel would work only with rows 2 to 9 and data stored below the row 10 would get ignored and wouldn’t get sorted alphabetically.

Therefore, if a table you’re working with contains any blank entries, delete these rows and only then carry on with sorting. If the table you’re working with is extremely large, use the little trick we shared in the video tutorial on how to remove blank rows in Excel.

We’ll undo the last step to make sure all rows in the table are filled with data, and we’ll move on.

The second problem you may encounter is tied to the table headers.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - distinguish headers from the other data

If you include headers in a table you prepared, it’s important that you distinguish it from the rest of the data. Because if you don’t, Excel will include the text of the header in the sorting as one of the list items, and that’s not what we want. It might be a good idea to use different colours or formatting to make the header of the table distinct and prevent this kind of issue.

Now, let’s assume you’ve done what was needed – the header has been formatted in a way that’s different from the rest of the data, and there are no blank entries in the table. We can move on to sort the data alphabetically.

It’s very simple and easy.

Sorting the Data Alphabetically A to Z

First, click on the header of the column which contains the list of data you want to sort. We’ll click on cell B2, because we need to sort the names of employees. Then we’ll click on ‘Data’ tab, section ‘Sort & Filter’ for two quick options to sort data – A to Z or the other way round, Z to A.

Here we’ll go for the first one – A to Z. Done!

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sort names alphabetically in Excel

The names of employees have been sorted alphabetically, A to Z, just as we wanted. You can use the very same function to easily sort also numbers.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sort numbers from lowest to highest

From lowest to highest or vice versa.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sort sales from lowest to highest

Sorting the Data Alphabetically Z to A

But now if we want to swap and sort the names Z to A, we can simply click on the button ‘Sort Z to A’ and the list gets sorted the way we need.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sort names vice versa

This function works with any number of data entries in tables of any size.

How to Sort Alphabetically in Excel - sorted list of names in Excel

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