How to Sum a Column in Excel

This is an Excel tutorial on how to sum values in rows and columns.

Let’s not lose any more time – this is how it’s done!

There are more ways to sum values in cells. The one we’ll present is the easiest and quickest.

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Here’s a table with some data on sales of individual people in certain quarters. We’ll use this table to show how the sum works.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - table

Let’s say we want to total the sales for quarter 1.

We’ll click into the cell C11 where we want to sum the sales. We’ll find ‘Home’ tab, section ‘Editing’ and select ‘AutoSum’.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - autosum

Excel automatically marks the cells which you might want to add up.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - marked cells

If you need to change the range of these cells, click into the top right corner of the selected group and change the range as needed.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - select rows

In this case, we want to total all sales, so we’ll leave the marked area as it is – from C3 up to C10, and press ‘Enter’.

And here it is!

How to Sum a Column in Excel - result

That’s the sum of all sales for quarter 1!

How to Drag the Formula Across the Rest of the Columns

If we want Excel to calculate the sum for the rest of the quarters, we can simply click on the cell where the sum for Q1 has been calculated, hover over the bottom right corner of the cell and drag the formula across the rest of the columns.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - drag the formula

How to Sum a Row in Excel

You can use the same way to add up values in rows, which represent sales of individual people for all quarters. To add up the first row, we’ll click on the cell under the column ‘Total’ and then click on ‘AutoSum’, as you already know.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - autosum whole columns

Press ‘Enter’ and copy the formula across the rows that need to be calculated by dragging the bottom left corner of the selected cell down the ‘Total’ column.

How to Sum a Column in Excel - copied formula

Good job!

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