How to Unprotect Excel Sheet

In today’s tutorial, you’ll see how to unprotect a sheet in Excel, which will be useful if you need to edit information stored in a table on the spreadsheet.

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From time to time, we might need to edit information on a locked and protected spreadsheet. If that’s the case now, we need to remove the spreadsheet protection, so that we could make the necessary changes.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet - locked cell

There are two ways how a spreadsheet can be protected. One of them is using no password, so basically anyone can unprotect it. In the other case, we’re dealing with a password-secured sheet, which means you’ll need to have the password at hand or ask for it from the person who locked the sheet.

To unprotect the spreadsheet, you’ll have to follow the same steps whether the sheet is password-protected or not.

Right-click at the bottom, where you can see the sheet name. Find and select the option ‘Unprotect Sheet’.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet - unlock sheet

If there’s no password, the sheet becomes editable right away.

How to Unprotect Password-secured Sheet

However, in the previous tutorial on how to protect a spreadsheet with a password, we set a password for this sheet. Therefore, you now need to enter the password to unprotect it.

We’ll type it in and here we go!

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet - type in password

The spreadsheet has been unlocked, which means you can edit it and make any necessary changes.

How to Unprotect Excel Sheet - unlocked sheet

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