How to Wrap Text in Excel

In today’s tutorial, we’ll see how to wrap text in Excel. This function can help you keep even longer texts within the boundaries of one cell, which will make it visible and readable for other users, too.

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Sometimes, we need to insert a longer text within one cell and perhaps you’ve noticed that these usually overflow to the next cells. For situations like these, Excel offers solution in the form of the function ‘Wrap Text’, which literally wraps even longer texts nicely and neatly within one cell. We’ll have a closer look at it now.

Here you can see an example of a data table. The video description in the cell appears to run through the adjacent cells.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - wrap long text

Also, if we include a link to the video in its neighbor cell, other users will be able to read only the first words of the description.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - adjust text into row

In this case, the function ‘Wrap Text’ is the ideal solution. If we wrap the text, the whole description included in the cell will become visible and readable.

Well, you may ask how to achieve this, then.

To start with, you need to select the cell where you need to wrap the text by clicking on it. Then go to ‘Home’ tab, find the group ‘Alignment’ and click on the button for the function ‘Wrap Text’.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - option wrap text

The text will be immediately wrapped within the cell. But, as you can see, the text, although wrapped in one cell, has been divided into multiple lines and some of them are not visible at all. To fix this, you’ll have to adjust the cell height and width.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - not visible text

How to Adjust the Cell Height in Excel

Here we’ll adjust the cell height. The same way works for adjusting its width just as you need. Find the vertical bar with the row numbers and place the cursor there, precisely on the bottom border of the row of which height you want to expand.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - adjust height of the row

Then use the left button on the mouse to drag and adjust the row height to reveal the whole text. For example, like this.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - adjust whole text into row

How to Align the Wrapped Text in Excel

Great! The wrapped text can now be aligned to the left or right or to the centre, depends on what you need.

How to Wrap Text in Excel - wrap text within one row

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