How to Check Spelling in Excel and Avoid Typos

This tutorial provides a quick guide on how to check spelling in Excel. The spellcheck function is an invaluable help when it comes to avoiding typos or grammatical issues in texts within data tables.

Well, let’s give it a go then!

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How to Find the Spellcheck Function in Excel

To use the spellchecker, click on the Review tab, find the section ‘Proofing’ where you’ll find the option ‘Spelling’. Alternatively, you can use the hot key F7 to start the function.

How to Check Spelling in Excel - Where the find the spellchecker and how to use it

You might get a pop-up window which will ask whether you want to continue at the beginning of the sheet. Select ‘Yes’ to make sure Excel will go through all data in the spreadsheet.

How to Check Spelling in Excel and Avoid Typos - How to find and use the spellchecker

How the Spellchceck Function Works

As you can see, Excel detects a typo immediately and shows you all possible options for correction, so that we could decide how we want to resolve this.

The typo here is in the month name ‘February’. On the top, we see how the word is actually spelled, and below we can find some suggestions to what we could change it.

How to Check Spelling in Excel and Avoid Typos - Suggestions

Different Options of the Spellcheck Function

If you agree with what Excel suggests, you can click on ‘Change’, but you can also use other options, for example ‘Ignore’, or ‘Add to Dictionary’.

How to Check Spelling in Excel and Avoid Typos - Change spelling

In this case, we’ll go for ‘Change’ and Excel will correct the typo right away. The month name ‘February’ is now spelled correctly and since this was the only error, Excel completed the check.

How to Check Spelling in Excel and Avoid Typos - Corecting the typo

You can use this function to check spelling through any sheet in a quick and easy way.

And here’s a question for you – which of the functions from the Review tab is your favourite? Let us know in the comment section below! We’re happy to hear from you!

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