How to Convert PDF to an Excel File (Quick and Easy)

Today’s tutorial will tell you how to convert PDF to an Excel file – quick and easy! Would you like to know more? Keep on!

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More Ways How You can Transfer Data From a PDF File to Excel

There are more ways how you can transfer data from a PDF file to Excel and have them ready for further work.

How to Convert PDF to XLS

In this tutorial, we’re gonna have a look at how to manage all this, simple and easy, and to do that, we’re gonna use the Microsoft Word application.

So, in this case all you need is not love😊, but just a PDF file and the applications Word and Excel, and the conversion will take a couple of seconds.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File - Using the applications Word and Excel

And here’s how:

How to Open PDF File in Word

First, open Microsoft Word. On the left, you can see ‘Open’ and through the option ‘Browse’ you’ll find the PDF file you want to convert.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File - Open Microsoft Word.

We’re going to convert the file ‘Sales’ here, so we’ll select this file and click on ‘Open’.

Word will notify you that the PDF file is going to be converted into an editable document. It may take a while though, and the final document may not look exactly like the original one, which sometimes happens when the original PDF contains a lot of graphics.

Confirm with OK and the data table has been transferred to Word now.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File - Confirm OK

Next, click anywhere into the data table to see this little square symbol in the top left corner. Use a right-click and select ‘Copy’ from the menu.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File - Copy the Table

How to Copy Data from Word to Excel

And now’s the time to excel!

Open Microsoft Excel and we’ll paste the copied data exactly where you need them to be.

Click on a cell, then use the right button on your mouse, find the section ‘Paste Options’ and select the option ‘Keep Source Formatting’.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File  - Paste the Table in Excel

That’s all it takes!

The data table from the PDF document has been easily transferred to an Excel sheet where you can edit the data as you like without any difficulties.

How to Convert PDF to an Excel File - The data table has been transferred to an Excel sheet

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