How to Show or Hide the Formula Bar in Excel (Quick and Easy)

How to Show or Hide Formula Bar in Excel

Let’s have a quick look at how to show or hide the formula bar in Excel in a quick and easy way!

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What to Do if the Formula Bar Is Missing in the Excel

If the formula bar is missing in the Excel spreadsheet, click on View tab, then find the group Show and select the Formula Bar option.

How to Show or Hide the Formula Bar in Excel - How to Show the Formula Bar in Excel

The formula bar appears and you can see all the functions and formulas in cells.

How to Show or Hide the Formula Bar in Excel - Formula Bar Appears

What to Do if You Want to Hide the Formula Bar

If you want to hide the formula bar, simply unselect the option Formula Bar and it’ll no longer be visible. This is a great way to ‘declutter’ the space on the screen and extend the working area in your spreadsheet.

How to Show or Hide the Formula Bar in Excel - Hide the Formula Bar

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